HE KeW scott Press began work atHammer' smith in Fe' bruary 1891. The design^ er of the type W. Morris, took as his model NicholasJenson's Romanlet' ter used in Venice in the 15th Cen' tury, and which unites in the fullest degree the necessary qualities of pur> ityof line and legibility. Jenson gives usthehigh'watermarkofthe Roman character: from his death onwards typography declined till it reached its lowest depth in the ugliness of Bo' doni. Since then the English typo' graphers followingmoreor less in the footsteps of Caslon, have recovered much of the lost ground; but as their work is almost always adapted for machine printing it has a tendency to exaggeration of lightness and thin' ness, which may well be corrected, in work printed by the hand'press. Fig. 5/ The Golden Typeof William Morris from T. L. de Vinne, Plain Printing TypesNew York, i8gi 67 ENGLISH OLD-STYLE REVIVAL 1890

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