JOSEPH BLUMENTHAL. Printer, teacher, noted designer of books. Born 1897, New York, N. Y. Now is director of The Spiral Press, New York City. Spiral 1930 (Bauerfrom hand cut punches by Louis Hoell, Germany) Emerson 1936 (English Monotype version) Emerson Italic 1936 (English Mono type) ALFRED R. BOSCO. Artist, typog- rapher. Born 1901, Naples, Italy. Now with Schwab Beatty in New York City. Romany 1935 (American Type Found- ers Company) WILL BRADLEY. Printer, publisher, artist, typographer, designer, motion picture director. Born 1868. Now liv- ing in Short Hills, N. J. Bradley Type 1894 (Central Type Foundry) Bradley Series (circa 1896) (Dickin- son Type Foundry) Abbey Text (American Type Found- ers Company) Vanity Initials (circa 192.7) (Ameri can Type Founders Company) WARREN CHAPPELL. Draftsman, il- lustrator, typographer, letterer. Born 1904, Richmond, Va. Maintains a studio in New York City. Author of The Anatomy of Lettering, 193 5 Koch Uncial 1931 (Paul Koch) Lydian and Italic 1938 Lydian Bold and Italic 1938 Tra janus and Kursiv 1939 (D. Stempel) Lydian Cursive 1940 Lydian Condensed and Italic 1946 (All faces, except as shown, cut by American Type Founders Company) THOMAS MAITLAND CLELAND. Painter, illustrator, designer, typog rapher. Born 1880, Brooklyn, N.Y. Now lives and works in Connecticut. Deila Robbia 1903 (Bruce Type Foundry) Collaborated with Morris Füller Ben ton on Garamond and Garamond Italic for American Type Founders Company ELIZABETH COLWELL. Letterer. On- ly American woman type designer known. Colwell Handletter 1916 Colwell Handletter Italic 1916 (Both faces cut by American Type Founders Company) OSWALD B. COOPER. Designer, ty pographer. Born 1879, Mount Gilead, Ohio. Died 1940. Packard 1915 (American Type Found ers Company) Cooper Roman 1919 Cooper Black 192.1 Cooper Italic 192.4 Cooper Hilite 192.5 Cooper Black Condensed 192.6 Cooper Black Italic 192.7 (All Cooper faces cut by Barnhart Brothers Spindler) ERNST FREDERICK DETTERER. De signer, instructor, calligrapher. Born 1888, Lake Mills, Wis. Was with The Newberry Library as custodian of the John M. Wing Collection on The History of Printing at the time of his death in 1947. Eusebius (first named Nicolas Jenson) 192.3 (Ludlow Typograph Com pany) Newberry Binding Type 1935 (R. Hunter Middletonmetal pat- 9 X: -

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