2T2 IMPROVED STEEL RULE CUTTER. rapher's ln numorous printing plants it is frequently necessary to cut the f ollowing kinds of strip material to many different lengths: Steel CL!: perforating rules, steel cutting rules, steel »e »m. scoring and creasing rulosx heavy brass TC mjes an(j sjugs por all this class of work. hts and Hof bäum Egon fang Agfa braun älTt Raum gang Organ farm Homburg in l O 1 ars had Early proof of Corvinus Light in December 1929, before the fastrevise. e£ |ia(j Size shown is 25-point Didot scale, or about 26 points in U. S. size. at were -then a d inject xucture L™ EHRE ÄREN HEER ARNO HORN TS RHONE NONNE HAHN HENNE rebears NAHE ARNO HAAR ROHR OHR n other langing bar mann grau graf arm garn bau t effect, em was proof of Corvinus Light in 24-point Didot as revised in March 1930. estab-

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