x3 Frederic W. Goudycontinued Saks Goudy 1934 Saks Goudy Italic 1934 Village Italic 1934 Tory Text 1935 Bertham 1936 Friar 1937 University of California Old Style and Italic 1938 Scripps College Old Style 1941 C. H. GRIFFITH. Printer, typographer. Born 1879, Irontown, Ohio. With Mergenthaler Linotype Company since 1906, where he has been suc- cessively a salesman, sales manager, and is now vice-president in charge of typographical development. Modeled on contemporary designs Ionic No. 5 192.6 Ionic Condensed 1917 Poster Bodoni 19x9 Poster Bodoni Italic 19x9 Memphis Extra Bold 1936 Memphis Extra Bold Italic 1936 Bookman 1936 Derived from contemporary designs: Pabst Extra Bold 19x8 Pabst Extra Bold Italic 19x8 Pabst Extra Bold Condensed 1931 Ryerson Condensed 1940 Original faces Textype 19x9 Textype Bold 19x9 Granjon Bold 1930 Hebrew No. 3 1930 Hebrew No. 3 Italic 1930 Excelsior 1931 Opticon 1935 Paragon 1935 Bell Gothic 1937 Greek Metrolite 1937 Greek Metromedium 1939 Baskerville Bold 1939 Baskerville Bold Italic 1939 C. H. Griffithcontinued Corona 1941 Derived from historic designs: Linotype Janson 193X (Based on the 14 point size of tbe Anton Janson letter, circa 1660). Monticello 1946 (Based on Binny Ronaldson Pica Roman No. i, circa 1796). (All faces cut by Mergenthaler Lino type Company) VICTOR HAMMER. Printer, designer, type-cutter, engraver. Born i88x, Aus- tria. Now teaching at Wells College, Aurora, N. Y. Samson (Paul Koch) Pindar American Uncial Greek Uncial (All faces except Samson cut by him- selfexact dates of cutting un- known) Now working on a roman face which is still unannounced. SOL HESS. Typographer, type designer, water colorist. Born 1886, Philadel phia, Pa. With Lanston Monotype Machine Company since 190X, where he has been typographic manager since 19XX and art director since 1940. Original Designs: Hess Title 1910 Hess Title Italic 1911 Bookman Oldstyle Condensed 1916 Jefferson Gothic (alternatives) 1916 Cochin Bold 19x1 Cochin Bold Italic 19x1 Hess Oldstyle 19XX Hess Oldstyle Italic 19XX Hess Bold 19x3 New Bookman 19x3 Italian Oldstyle Wide 19x4 Hess Bold Italic 19x4

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