T?ppe Design bike-racers that he was occasionally invited to sit in the judges' box and help score points. "Judge Liebo witz is another bike-racing fan," Bennett recalls, "and I've been in the same box with him although he didn't know who I was and I've never met him. James Barton, the famous actor of'Tobacco Road,' used to give over his role to an understudy just to watch the six-day races when they came to Madison Square Garden." Bike races are still populär in Europe and Bennett follows the "Tour de France" as closely as he can. When in Europe during World War I, Bennett met many of the bike-racers he'd watched at New York velodromes. However, his 1938 trip to Europe oc- curred during the wrong season for in-door racing ("to my vast and complete regret"), and Bennett was very disappointed with an out-door race he went to see in a village near Paris. What is the appeal of bike racing? "Well, you know, it's not an honest Sport. It's as crooked as it could be. It's like wrestling; they practise the falls before-hand but everyone has a good time. Today roller-skating teams have taken over its appeal." Bennett says he loved the Sport from the begin- ning, and loved it even after he'd become acquainted with the bike-racers and learned it wasn't all "pure as the driven snow." "It was a spectacle," he ex- plains, "but with a very great deal of subtlety to it. HALF-CENTURY OF AND TYPOGRAPHY KELMSCOTT- DOVES AND ASHENDENE The Linotype punch is a replica of the original 7 letter-drawing, not an interpretation. It reflects Character Prec'se hand-drawn qualities of the artist's original, and insures those qualities in the type bv control and checking through every phase of the mathematicallv-precise cutting Operations. •IV- 1895-1945 BY FREDERIC W. GOUDY L.H.D. LITT.D. IX.D. VOLUME ONE NEW YORK THE TYPOPH1LES Above; a Typhophiles book by Frederick Goudy, and below the 1952 Typhophiles' Chapbook. Simple, neat and clean; Bennett's working of an institutional ad for Mergenthaler, 1942. THE PRIVATE PRESS CREDOS WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WILL RANSOM THE TYPOPH1LES 1952 1 5

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