andthe Graphic Arts BY J. D. MALCOLMSON •ffoiunaHMtY PAP ERBOARD The world's greatest collective billboard consists of the printed side panels of the seven billion corrugated and solid fibre cases and the ninety-five billion fold- ing cartons which are produced and exhibited in this country every year. This free advertising Space is the result of the adoption of modern printing techniques by the paperboard industry. Thus paperboardone of the fast growing giants of American industry has come to be a tremendous factor in the graphic arts, be it letterpress, flexographic process, lithog- raphy, rotogravure, or that latest development, shcet fed gravure. Düring the last war paperboard was known as the ultimate packaging Substitute and before the war was over it was being used by the military for packaging an almost endless list of material including ammuni- tion, subsistence, clothing and machine parts. So- called "weatherproof" or "V board Containers were being produced at the rate of thirty million a month by V-J Day. These had sufficient wet strength Above. Paperboard cartons have revolufionized the way the American consumer spends his dollar. Right. Women buy brand name colognes in a Container as rieh looking as its scent.

Print Magazine en | 1953 | | page 19