NEVADA'S FIRST NEWSPAPER NOW 95 YEARS OLD When, on Decembcr 18, 1953 The Territorial Enter prise marks lts ninety-fifth anniversary as Nevada s oldest newspaper and one of the prototypal proper- ties of the Old West, it will celebrate not only nine decades of intermittent editorial tumultsand triumphs, but an equal penod devoted to skirmishes with the mechanics of physical production. The Enterprise first saw the light ot a sub-zero day as the year 1858 was drawing to a close at Mormon Station, Territory of Western Utah, about thirty miles from Virginia City where it was to achieve lts greatest fame among the world-shaking bonanzas o the Comstock Lode. lts primal publishers, Jerenagan and Alfred James subscribed to the best traditions of frontier journalism, arriving via covered wagon from the Mormon citadel at Salt Lake wit 1 either a Ramage or Washington model hand press, frayed top bats and soup-stained hock coats whose skirts concealed the conventional Colt's Navy type revolvers of what was then fashionable editorial usage. Publication, originally schedulcd for the first week in December, had to be put off until the i8th when the arrival on his celebrated skis of Snowshoe Thompson, the first mailman of the S.erras, from Hangtown brought in his pack some necessary type borrowed or purchased from the even then flourish- ing Sccramento Union. Printing stock for The Enterprise also arnved through the agency of Thompson, a circumstance which will give some indication of the press run and twice during the winter of 1859 the paper missed an issue when even the almost superhuman mailman was unable to breast the deep dnfts in the passes between Sportsman's Hall and Strawberry on the California side of the Sierra Nevada. In 1859, drawn by the news of the fantastic silver recoveries of the newly discovered Comstock Lode to the north of Carson Valley, The Enterprise set out 3 3

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