oj-e-jo I I f 9^ r --»o Roge Payne, English 1 he eccentric genius Roger Payne (from 1770 onwards) not only carried out every phase of bookbinding with his own hands but invented and cut delicious tools of sprigs and flowers which he combined into decorations of swags, geometrical corners and floriated sprays. This style was something quite new, technically excellent and of a chaste perfection which rivalled Continental work. Some of his many tools are shown here. Roger Payne often fixed a small label inside his books giving the costs of the details of his work. The humble prices mentioned are in striking contrast to the hundreds of pounds that his masterpieces command today. Charles Lewis, English Charles Lewis was a distinguished London binder of whom it was reported that "in 1823 he had the largest West End shop with 21 journeyman." As is usually the case with a designer of style his books are easily recognised as these bold and cheer- ful designs show. 19th Century "sporting" dies The traditional love of sport in England is featured on bindings of the early nine- teenth Century; Mr. Jorrocks, Johnny Quae-Genus and their "Corinthian" fricnds would not be happy without the sporting motive in the decoration of their bindings. Their charm and popularity has never waned and selections of the above tools are still enjoyed by the lover of sport and the countryside. 4 1

Print Magazine en | 1953 | | page 43