OjJset PRINTING vltlltY^nss Üje^ne ess THE WIE)EST RANGE OE PA FERS AND BINDING MATERIALS FOR PRESS AND TRADE BOOKS AND PROMO EIONAL PRINTING he Stevens-Nelson Paper Corp. 109 EAST 31 ST STREET NEW YORK 16, N. Y. In the closing years of the Century a new light shone out in the work of T. J. Cobden-Sanderson whose bindings of Doves Press books and others are so well prized. His love of flowers and feeling for perfect expression within the limits of the craft caused him to design simple tools of flowers, buds and leaves which he combined into chaste and elegantly tooled books. It may be that he said the last word in bookbinding decoration in the conven- tional sense. Modern binders now seek for the abstract in inlaid surfaces and flowing or geometrical gold work in freehand style. All the tools illustrated in this article are selected from the many thousands in the Workshops of F. Sangorski G. Sutcliffe, London, a collection which is not only of purely antiquarian interest for it is constantly called upon for the skilled repair ot ancient bindings as well as the creation of new ones. Additions are frequently made as is shown above by a few of the tools recently designed by the writer. Contemporary dies by the author AND 305 ST. PAUL STREET BURLINGTON, VERMONT Murray Hill 5-61-0

Print Magazine en | 1953 | | page 44