How much should you pay for the tlc in gravure production? Intaglio Service corporahon If machines alone could do the for the past seventeen years, served work, gravure production would be more leading art directors, editors and operated 011 a push button basis. To agency men than any other Company, date, however, inventive ingenuity has If competence can be measured in been unable to replace the craftsman. quality: Intaglio-made jobs help insure And so the quality of your gravure the reproduction in pnnt of the best processing still must be measured by known advertisements and editorials, the yardstick of capability, care and wrappings, packagings and labels. competence exercised by the men who do your work. Är Intaglio, capability, care and If capability can be measured in competencecost you no more. Our numbers: Intaglio last year turned out three hundred craftsmen, working in more gravure production jobs than any three shifts, in our three strategically other Company6400 in color, 2200 located plantswill process your work in monotone, and 2500 for packages with the tender loving care that makes and labels f°r consistent qualityat economieal If care can be measured in terms cost to you. of confidence: Intaglio has each year, Our six offices are at your Service. America''s First Gravure and Letterpress Servicers 305 East 46th St., New York—731 Plymouth Court, Chicago 1835 Lewis Tower Bldg., Philadelphia—Intaglio-Cadillac, Inc., 4240-14th Ave., Detroit— 260 Kearny St., San Francisco1)32 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles

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