Good Design Seils PRODUCTION NOTES Hai Zamboni Associates For Winning Printing, Try VICTORY PRESS VICTORY PRESS, Inc. 1 Design: Futura by Alexander Nesbitt; balance of this issue by Frank Lieberman. Type: Body types: Monotype Bembo, Intertype Futura. Display types: Monotype Deepdene, Janson, andJanson Italics, ATF Onyx, Caslon, and Reiner Script. Futura was set by Rapid Typographers, New York City; the rest of the issue by The Lane Press, Burlington, Vt. Processes: Cover and pages 9-16 were printed by offset; other pages by letterpress: all by The Lane Press. Engravings: All by Mohawk Engraving Company, Green field, Mass. Negatives for offset by Litco Offset Corp., Boston, Mass. Paper: Cover, Hamilton Cover, W. C. Elamilton Sons, Miquon, Pa; pages 9-16, Cellugloss Enatnel, St. Regis Paper Company, New York, N. Y.; balance is Lustro Gloss, S. D. Warren Company, Cumberland Mills, Maine. Binding: Smyth sewn, cover drawn on by The Lane Press. BOOKLETS LETTERHEADS BROCHURES STYLISHLY DESIGNED AND CAREFULLY EXECUTED AT MODERATE PRICES. 103-10 3 9 t h AVENUE Corona, New York ILlinois 8-7488 218 MADISON AVENUE. NEW YORK 16 MURRAY HILL 4-1692

Print Magazine en | 1953 | | page 48