VENUS EXTENDED thanks! to the typographers and artists all over America for the complete and wholehearted acceptance of GROTESK *?o>ud&i$ Advertising Photography: 1780 Broadway, New York 19 N. Y. Venus Extra Bold Extended Venus Bold Extended Venus Medium Extended Venus Light Extended ALPHABETS, INC. Since the introduction of Venus only a short time ago, this great new type has had overwhelming approval by those who demand the best in composition. Immediately Available in w 8 to 84 point 18 to 54 pomt 18 to 42 pomt 18 to 36 point 18 to 42 point 18 to 36 point AND NOW italics from 18 to 24 point in light, medium, and bold. For complete information and specimens see your nearest Bauer type dealer or write on your letterhead to: 235-47 East 45th Street, New York 17, N.Y. Tel: VA 6-1263-4 As Eastman Kodak could teil you, there are all sorts of photographers, from the snapshot fiend who shoots spang into the sun to the super-pro, complete with fourteen assistants and portable Strohe light. We at Ralph Tornberg are among the simpler type of Professionals, specialists in producing first-rate photography for advertising purposes. We've photographed just about everything from jewelry in minute detail to enormous industrial interiors. Heing professionals we like to keep husy and would lie pleased to take on new and interesting accounts. Shot on the Spot! A 4 x 6 darkroom in an industrial plant was "location" for this Tornberg Photogaph.

Print Magazine en | 1953 | | page 49