CONTENTS TOP DRAWER PAUL BENNETT by George L. McKay and Francis Harvey 6 9 PAPERBOARD AND THE GRAPHIC ARTS 1 7 by J. D. Malcolmson BRUCE ROGERS' PI 23 by Earnest Elmo Calkins FUTURA 25 by Alexander Nesbitt THE TERRITORIAL ENTERPRISE 33 by Lucius Beebe SOME NOTES ON THE HISTORY DEVELOPMENT OF BOOKBINDERS' STAMPS TOOLS 37 by Kenneth Hobson BOOKS 43 PRODUCTION NOTES 46 THE MAGAZINE OF THE GRAPHIC ARTS DECEMBER 1953, VOLUME VIII, NUMBER 4 Bringing in equipment for the Territorial Enterprise, Virginia City, 1878 (from Frank Leslie's lllustrated Newspaper), a detail of our cover, On page 33 is Lucius'Beebe's story of the life and times of the Enterprise, Nevada's most colorful newspaper. PRINT is published bi-monthly, six issues to the volume. Editorial, business and advertising offices, and all corre- spondence to 17 West 44 St., New York, 36. Telephone: OXford 7-1264. Editor: Lawrence A. Audrain. Art Director: Frank Lieberman. Associate Editors: Earnest Elmo Calkins, Ronald G. Macdonald, W. E. Rudge, Eleanor Steiner-Prag, M. J. Gladstone. Publication Office, Burlington, Vermont. Advertising Representative: Jane H. Sneyd, Virginia Luckower. Circula- tion Director: Harold P. Preston. Subscription rate: $7.50 for six numbers,- foreign postage $1.00 additional. Copy right 1953 by William Edwin Rudge Publisher, Inc. All rights reserved. Return postage must accompany any unso- licited material.

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