C^^lie 1^/ennct (^osmetic ^refjarahons, C^Jnc. 2 6 8 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, N. Y. Sole manufacturers of the Malmaison Preparations FORTHCOMING STYLE CREATIONS BY BAUER ASK FOR SPECIMEN SHEETS n s cer ver- cJo insistent has heen the (jofjular request for a blach si on of J?)ernhard (furswe that the designer as well as the foundry could not further resist bringing forth (ff^ernhard Qui swe M,l,l even more distinct more restrame dlh an its (jredecessor. (fast on the f/dmencan (joint system it is available in sizes Jrom iq to J<2 (joints, ,hi the same time dlfauer fjresentscJ.")a He Initials, each one in itself an ex- ((uisite little masierfjiece of unquestionable decorative value, dfiey come in sizes ,5*/, 66 and 84 (joints fdfmertcan. !A«A last, but not least, we fjouit to these versatile border creations cdducian d,")orders designed by (ffyernhard out in two sizes, 6 and 12 fjt.Ihmencan and those abstract ornamenta tions iLV/fa Unorders both amfjly shown iti this folder.

The Bauer Type Service en | 1929 | | page 13