for a long time she remains standing in despair without knowing what to do. which way shall she take? she decides to follow the right group of five men. she stops half ways, hesitates. she runs back and follows the left group instead. halfways she is again beset with doubts, at top speed she rushes after the right group. the five men increase their pace. breathless the girl again approaches them, stops abruptly, in order to pass them slowly, but the five men have reached another corner, three turn to the right, two to the left. the girl has also reached the corner, she stops, thinks, and decides to take the right hand course. half way she stops and turns to the left, stops, thinks and turns to the right again. the girl quickly follows the right group of men. three men walk along the street. open mouthed, breathing heavily, hatless and with di shevelled hair the girl rushes after them, close to the men she stops abruptly, brushes her hair back, quickly puts on her hat, prepares to overtake the men when the men have again reached the corner, two turning to the left, one to the right. the girl reaches the corner, without stopping to think she mechanically turns to the right. but the men have again reached the corner, when the girl approaches them. they separate: one turns to the right, the other to the left. for a fraction of a second the mask of the man walking to the right is sharply defined. exhausted the girl reaches the corner. in stupor she runs a few paces to the right. the girl suddenly stops and turns to look after the man who went to the left. but the man has already vanished. the girl then turns to the right again. far down the street the man is just entering a house. the girl rushes after him. completely out of breath the girl is standing in a gate way. it is of an immense size, the girl in front of it very small. in the backround there are many other gateways, bearing down upon the girl as in a nightmare, with a tired gesture the girl wipes her forehead, she is climbing steps. half-way up the stairs a char woman washing the steps empties her bucket, and a deluge of water sweeps the girl down the whole flight of stairs again, in vain she struggles against the floods: the hand of a woman pulls a door-bell. (this scene is repeated several times.) every time the girl is thrown out of a housedoor, her clothes are more damaged: first her hat is missing, then she appears without her coat, at last her handbag is snatched by some one from inside a doorway. the bag opens with a sudden jerk: coins and notes fall out, but into the floor inside the door. the door is banged, the money gone. in vain the girl belabours the door with both her fists, thoroughly worn out she turns away. she knocks at the door of a flat. a woman opens it shakes her head. inside a shadow appears in the background, the man with the mask? the girl pushes the women aside and rushes towards the man. a lay figure! the woman occupying the flat runs after the girl who has begun to demolish the lamp, chairs, table, etc., in a blind rage, the women fight. finally a mighty blow sends the girl flying through the door. after adjusting her clothes as best she can, the girl continues her search. completely at the end of her strength she meets a post man. frantically she commences to search the contents of his enormous bag. the postman lifts up the girl and flings her aside, the girl is thrown against a notice-board containing marriage bans. struggling violently she at once attempts to escape from behind the fence. at last she succeeds in disentangling herself and slips through the meshes of the fence. in the background fencing superimposed upon the win dow of a landing, the girl is standing at the bottom of the topmost flight of stairs, half a storey higher up is the iast door, summoning all her courage the girl climbs the few steps, she rings the bell. the door is opened by the masked young man. the girl wants to rush in at once, but the door is slammed in her face. dumbfounded she rings again, in vain she waits for a long time, slowly she descends a few steps, she stops on the landing, hesitates, returns to the door and rings again, again she waits in vain, she returns to the landing. she stops in thought, looks at the door and finally returns to it hesitatingly and without hope. she rings, waits, no result. slowly the girl descends two flights of stairs and three steps more. she turns abruptly, dashes upstairs and throws herself with all her strength against the door, which is shattered by the impact. 3. inside is the man with the mask. he takes no notice whatever of the girl. he is catching eggs out of the air and throwing them away again. the eggs leap and dance all around him, some break, the girl who has just entered the room with a mighty bounce after having smashed the door, stops and greets him. entirely unconcerned the man continues his game with the eggs. the girl hesitates, then bows again, the man still ignores her. 44

Telehor cs | 1936 | | page 46