AS SHOWN BY CARSON PIRIE SCOTT CO. thing is worked out from the background on the wall. The entrance hall of this budget house is arrest ingthe wallpaper is a black and white effect, the background being a solid gray in a light tone, swags in two-tone gray with floral motif in white. The floor covering in this room is black linoleum with insert of white in a floral design and the color scheme is admirably furthered by the use of white furniture with Chinese red tops to the table and pipings to the chairs. One of the bedrooms known as "the lavender room" takes its keynote from the wallpaper of laven der ground with diamond shaped design of flowers in deeper tones. The drapes have a purple ground with swag and tassel motif in sand and white and lavender, and the floor covering is in deep sand. The second bedroom, "the blue room", has an inter esting treatment for the wall. The paper is in Cobalt blue with a line stripe of white and in order to be different, this paper was put on the walls with the stripes running horizontally. The niche in the wall holding the dressing table is done in white, giving an effective contrast against the sharp blue. Touches of white are used all through the room. WALLPAPER This paper began to sell as soon as the budget house was opened and the demands for it are still en thusiastic. The present dining room in red and gold and brown depends entirely upon the wallpaper for strong color. In this instance even the Venetian blinds at the windows were repainted to har monize with the wallpaper. The furniture used in this room does not greatly differ from that shown in the dining room of the previous budget house, but the effect is entirely different and there is noth ing that plays a more important part in aiding this change than the wallpaper itself. Today's version is in red with a gold dot, while the previous paper was a gardenia design in white on a blue back ground. The Venetian blinds were painted white with green tapes and there were white touches throughout the room in chair seats, flower stand, lamps, mirror, etc. All through the display prices of the wallpaper are given both by the roll and for the room com plete, the idea being of course to give the visitor an approximate idea of the cost of papering a room of similar size. Here even the closets are papered Continued on Page 167) page 165

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