MID-WEST A NEW YEAR A NEW LINE A NEW MARKET WALLPAPERS T^HE rush of revived business is well started 1935 is sure to be a busy year. But your 1935 cus tomers will demand full valuethey will be care ful buyers. are beautiful, lasting, and inexpensive. The line is fresh and new. It will draw the trade fos tered by the F H A. Order a full stock now, before the rush, so that you will have a wide selection of these popular papers. WRITE FOR OUR SAMPLES and PRICES THE MID-WEST WALLPAPER MILLS THE BACK-OF-THE-BOOK RICHARD WEBSTER, Editor WALLPAPER NEWS JOLIET, ILL. The model room that takes on a budget phase is particularly beneficial as it brings in the youthful customer who thinks it smart economy to "budget". Getting the customer at this early age is the desire of every merchant, and by training them to form the habit of purchasing at the one place, the store reaps the profits of an ever increasing education in homefurnishing. Drapery and wallpaper ensembles are one of the fea tures of the remodeled paint and wallpaper section of the Block Kuhl Co. store in Peoria, 111. Five ensembles are shown at a time and they are frequently changed. A similar use of visualization has proved profitable in con nection with paintfor instance, a contrast of a one coat job and a finished piece of work. The Hynds-Upshaw Paint Glass Co., of Birmingham, Ala., suggested "Paper Grandma's Room for Christmas," in one of their advertisements, and President Joseph A. Hynds in his comment on this policy says: "Wallpaper is very suitable for a gift, both on account of its utility and its beauty. Freshly decorated walls are a joy to every woman. So we urge customers to give wallpaper. It is especially suitable as a gift to old folks, shut-ins or others who by the nature of their work or physical state are confined indoors a good part of the time." Two newspaper advertisements of Jordan Marsh Com pany, Boston, are of especial interest because each shows two patterns, and because each had a price headline, the same head, indeed, except for the figuresone was "Reg ular 40c. to 60c. WALLPAPER 25c. a roll," and the other was "Regular 75c. to $1.20 WALLPAPER 45c. a roll" with a closing display in two lines offering the 40c. to 60c. wallpaper at 25c. 1 Each advertisement told what sort of rooms the papers were suitable forstresses sunfast—it was the first word in the copy body in both advertisements. Are you watching the trends that may affect wall deco ration? The extreme cases, even, are important to con sider. For instance, there are the new pre-fabricated houseslike the small house for $3,000 planned by Func tional Buildings, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, and the two houses built in the Grand Central Palace, New York, by Houses, Inc. Both these types have windows on corners or high up on the wall, wide but shallow. In either in stance, there is a new problem for window draperies and a new scope for the decoration of walls which have so much more unbroken surface, especially since there are no radiators as well as practically no windows to break the wall space. The largest and most attractive wallpaper and paint advertisement in a newspaper during the month before Christmas was that of the "Boston Store" of Fowler, Dick Walker in Wilkes-Barre. It was 6 full depth PAGE 168 In Answering Advertisements Please Mention WALLPAPER

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