HUNKEN COMPLETE COLLECTION PLAIN AND SEMI-PLAIN WALLPAPERS PRINTS IN CLASSIC DESIGNS GEORGE J. HUNKEN CO., Inc. columnssay, 1,740 lines. Probably the biggest in a long time. (If you know a bigger one this season please clip it and send it to us with any details you can get about results.) And about 1,500 lines of this big advertisement are devoted to wallpaperthe rest is paint and enamel and furniture polish. The ribbon head has Christmas candles and the store name. Then, big display "SALE WALL PAPERS help get homes ready for Christmas." Four Cross Heads "Hundreds of Lovely Patterns Here Smart Bedroom, Diningroom Papers Patterns Suitable For Any Room!Rich-looking Patterns in Soft Tones!" Under each of these crossheads are three L-shaped half tone pictures of representative patternstwelve in all. In the hollow of each L is a 2-line display head, and in a third line with more display the price. Then in three lines of small printregular price and six or seven words of description. Arranged low price first. The lowest was 7c. and the highest $1.46. Of the recent advertisements of wallpaper and paint that we have clippings of, the next biggest is that of an other "Boston Store"in Providence. Its Christmas Dollar Day advertisement on November 30th was 2 columns by 168 lines. A little more than half of the space was on paints, varnish, enamel and Linocrex. A little less than half was on papersillustrated with line cuts of two rolls, and offering room lots (10 rolls and 18 yards border, regularly priced at $2.30 for $1, and 6 rolls of Craftex, regularly 24c. to 32c. a roll, for $1. Hovey's is a "Boston store"a big department store in Boston. And one of the most attractive small wall paper advertisements that appeared in the newspaper this December is a 2-column-by-60-lines with about five- eighths of an inch border in half tone on either side illustrating a large floral pattern. On the white strip between is the copy, mostly display"Is your home all spic and span for the Christmas holidays WALL PAPER 14c. Roll. Regularly 24c. to 59c. a roll. Many of these are 30-inch papers. Think of how much you could improve the appearance of your rooms with new paper." Probably the most consistent advertiser of wallpaper is The Sherwin-Williams Co. A few examples In Nashville, 2 columns by 154 lines: "Thank You, Nashville! For your generous response to the opening of Paint Headquarters. So great has been the demand that we are continuing the following paint and wallpaper specials on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday." Then three offerings: New Light-Resisting Plasters, per single roll (line cut of paper hanger) S-W Semi-Lustre, 89c. quart and $1.69J gallon; and Large Assortment of Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen Papers, 6c. per single roll (line cut of furniture, wall and window detail). Just above the signature"Sold for cash only." In Des Moines, 2 columns by 56 lines, heavy display for name, logotype and WALLPAPER; and three items offered, in different sized space, priced 84, 19 and 24c. In Chattanooga, the best S W copy, in 2 columns 42 lines deep. Head: "What a World of Difference NEW WALLPAPER Makes in Your Home." Circular line cut of paperhanger at wall, and under that"Consult Us. Free Information on how to secure a Government loan for Decorating your home." THIS studio cordially invites the trade to call and view their line of distinctive designs for wallpaper and home furnishing fabrics. CEORGIANA STUDIO OF DESIGN Thelma M. Burrows, StylistDesignerDirector, 295 Madison Avenue, New York LE. 2-9420 FOR BETTER GRADE WALLPAPERS OF ALSO 87 THIRTY-FIFTH ST. BROOKLYN, N. Y. In Answering Advertisements Please Mention "WALLPAPER" PAGE 171

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