Embossing rollers RED STAVE mmm® Capital Wallpaper Co. WHEAT PASTE 24 WEST 40™ ST. NEW YORK There Is NO Other Paste as good as and city beautification campaign would be conducted along with the better housing project. Redondo, cooperating heartily with her sister city, Hermosa, in the better housing campaign, took occasion to emphasize that by using local labor and local materials the entire community would benefit. They emphasized this with big canvas banners attached to their Chamber of Commerce: "Your Dollars, Working in Redondo; Keep Redondo People Working"a word to the wise is sufficient. After the regular dinner at the regular meeting of the Chicago Wallpaper Association, held on December 14th, much time was taken up in the distribution of the very unusual tickets for the Gala Wallpaper Night. The oddity of these tickets caused a great deal of com ment, but they are only the slightest reflection of the unusualness of the Gala Wallpaper Night, which this year will be known as the Gala Wallpaper Cruise. From early reports, this affair will be a far greater success than it was in previous years. Before a single ticket or any advertising matter was out, there were more than three hundred reservations made, and no wonder Getting all of this for $2.75 a person A dinner dance with marvelous food, a startling floor show, and the most unusual water carnival staged by the modern mermaids of the Lagoon Theatre of A Century of Progress. It is strenuously urged that those contem plating attending this Gala Wallpaper Cruise make reser vations immediately, because of the limited capacity of the Medinah Club. When the Washington Better Housing Exhibit opened in the new bus terminal at 6th and Pennsylvania Avenue, this appealing room was attracting attention for Wall paper. This exhibit was mentioned in the broadcast of the Master Builder over NBC's Blue Network. rite for full details of our cooperative Hales and advertising plan for 1935 to help you sell Thibaut "Designs of Today." THIBAUT You can assure greater satisfaction with your Wall Papers if you recommend that perfectly balanced Good Papers Deserve It! Cheap Papers Need It! Washables Demand It! THE HURON MILLING CO., Inc. 9 PARK PLACE NEW YORK. N. Y. FactoriesHarbor Beach, Mich. ROCHESTER MADE In Answering Advertisements Please Mention "WALLPAPER" PAGE 177

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