PHOTOGRAPHY LATEST IN DECORATION FOR THE CHILDREN'S ROOM WOMEN'S pages of news papers and magazines are usually devoted to modes and trends in fashions, recipes, decoration, beauty preparations and thousands of other little thingsbut the children need a break. True, once in a while a wise word is dropped on the careful feeding or disciplining of children, but when it comes to decorating their rooms, there is much to be said. And, strange to say, now that the cause has finally been taken upit is no woman suf fragette or professional femin ist who is doing the pioneering. It is a man—one, Clarence Mitchell, of the peaceful town of Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Mitchell is a photog rapher, member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and prize winner in Belgium, Switzerland and Lon donand his offering is some thing new in the decoration of children's roomsContours. What are Contours? They are simply (in the truest sense of the word) semi- silhouettes which depart from the mere shadow idea of the profile and, in an appealing soft way by the power of sug gestion and" expert lighting, to gether with the skillful han dling of the camera, bring out the character and personality of the child as it has never been done before. A child's room, as well as any grown-up's, should express him and his own interests. If Tommy is a rough and ready "regular guy," what would be more natural than for you to give him a real boy's room with a sea-going lamp, perhaps a car penter's bench, and a few hook rugs? And the paper on the wall would have to be in keep ing with his personality also. Cherubic babies' heads and nursery figures would far from please. But what could be

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