THE BACK-OF-THE-BOOK RICHARD WEBSTER, Editor WALLPAPER NEWS DEALER CUT NUMBER 2 FOR NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING As was specially pointed out in last month's issue of WALLPAPER, the modernization campaign, with Gov ernment promotion, Government prestige and Government funds and credit back of it, is bound to help all interior decoration, and particularly all irremovable installations as distinct from the furniture that our French cousins call meubles or movables, since Federal loans are avail able for the wallpaper that is pasted on the wall and the linoleum that is cemented to the floor. An early January release from Dun Bradstreet, Inc., on The Paint and Wallpaper Trade" stresses the gains to be expected from this Government activity. They say: "The widest gains were reported from the Southeast, Southwest, Middle West, and the Pacific Coast. The improvement in collections has been one of the most encouraging developments of the year, as more customers discounted, more paid promptly, and the list of past due accounts has been reduced to the smallest size in four years." Note two things. Check on these figures and facts two ways. For the year just past, has your sales record shown improvement? And, secondly, as you go into the New Year, be on the lookout to expect even better gains About Wallpaper particularly, the Dun Bradstreet release has these three important paragraphs, which we strongly commend to our readers "From the uncertain position occupied in home deco rative planning for several years, wallpaper has emerged more popular and more beautiful than ever. Due to the enterprise and resourcefulness of manufacturers, the season's wallpapers are so artistic in conception and so varied in treatment that there now are designs to suit every possible kind of interior, to harmonize with every mood, and to overcome all decorative shortcomings. The growing popularity of this form of wallcovering is revealed in the figures on output which were IS to 25 per cent higher in units and dollar value than in 1933, with the increase running to a larger percentage for some of the cheaper grades. "Orders for spring delivery are topping last year's good volume, in spite of the generous buying at that time, in order to cover against advancing prices. Al though the largest gain in orders is for the cheaper grades, buying of the better qualities is heavier than last season. Orders to date are for preliminary stocksbut, judging from the frequency of inquiries, reorders doubt less will exceed the number booked for any spring in three or four years. The trend is strongly toward the washable papers in the medium and the better grades. "There have been some price advances in the cheaper grades of wallpaper, but close competition in these lines has restricted the markups on many of the offerings, which should be selling at a higher figure, in view of the increased wages and the rising costs of materials." Wm. L. Johnson, manager of the wallpaper and paint department of the C. M. Kimbrough Co. of Muncie, IN response to a good many inquiries, The Wallpaper Magazine is printing each month a reproduction of a line drawing suitable for dealer advertising in newspapers. These drawings are planned to show the value of wallpaper design in a room, and the patterns are page 192 large enough to give some suggestion as to type. Mats of these cuts are available to dealers at 50 cents each for use in their newspaper advertising. In writing be sure to order them by number, as there will be a different one in each issue. Keep your file of available cuts up to date. wallpaper

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