TIIOS. >1. STOMA Inc. PRINCIPALLY PERSONAL METAL Itlll.l IM.lt Wi lts IS studio cordially invites the trade to can and view their line of distinctive designs for wallpaper and home furnishing fabrics. GEORGIANA STUDIO OF DESIGN Thelma M. Burrows, Stylist, Designer, Director, 295 Madison Avenue, New York LE. 2-9420 In Philadelphia at Gimbel's, Harry Gregory has re signed as drapery buyer, and M. Herwitt comes from Detroitwhere he held a similar post with Crowley, Milner and Co.to succeed Mr. Gregory. And out in Detroit, M. Herwitt is replaced by K. Winslow, who leaves his position as buyer of wallpaper for Crowley, Milner. Martin Haas returns to this store and resumes his previous function of wallpaper buying. From Lynn, Massachusetts, comes the good news that John H. Cosgrove, Jr., owner of the J. D. Brooks Com pany, interior decorators, and one of the best known wallpaper men in New England, has entirely recovered from an illness of considerable duration, is "back on the job 100%, with three large contracts started, and"— continuing to quote his own enthusiastic words"feels that 193S will be one of the best years the firm has ever known." C. E. Whitmore, formerly assistant to Paul L. Henlein, manager of the Washington, D. C., store of W. J. Sloane Co., has become manager upon Mr. Henlein's resignation. Mr. Henlein had been in charge of this store for about a year. Previously he was for two years with Lord Taylor after three years with Montgomery Ward. out the egg shells, the displayman covered the holes with tissue tape, then threaded the eggs, holding them in place with a few drops of glue at each end. In the other window the displayman showed a revolv ing pyramid of eggs. This pyramid, made of white cardboard, was completely covered with eggs, one standing on top of the other and a lone egg perched on the apex. What prevented the eggs from falling off the revolving pyramid? Simple as saying. The dis playman placed a few drops of glue at the intersections of the pointed ends. To make the trick effective, white eggs and white underlining must be used. A ledge at the bottom of the pyramid served as a support for the vertical rows of eggs. On January Sth, Harry L. Fay, buyer of draperies, upholstery fabrics and domestic floor coverings with Stix, Baer Fuller Co., St. Louis, was succeeded by Nathan Levy for the first two lines and by F. Reinmann for floor coverings. Mr. Fay's plans will not be an nounced for a fortnight. At the Permanent Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Crafts (PEDAC) on the 10th floor of the RCA Build ing in Rockefeller Center, New York, space has been leased by Alexander Smith Sons of Yonkers, N. Y„ for the exhibition of broadloom carpeting, and by Cam- Engraved Copper Rollers for Printing Engraved Steel Rollers for Embossing THREE QUARTERS OF A CENTURY OF SERVICE Mulberry and Murray Streets Newark, New Jersey PAGE 196 In Ansivering Advertisements Please Mention WALLPAPER

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