TIK WHEAT PASTE CLARK STEK-O IF you WANT yOUR WALLPAPER TO GIVE COMPLETE SATISFACTION, SELL TO HANG IT. THE WHITE HOSE LINE I OH 1935 CORPORATION Stek-O Hill Rochester, N. Y. Write sil for sample* YORK WALLPAPER COMPANY YORK, PA. 35c -Vl" 50c sMiitoi:i»i<:it thhmavm:. inc. den Upholstery Shop, Inc., of 316 East 61st Street, New York, to show drapery and upholstery. Abe Diamond, for 14 years with L. Klein of Chicago, has just gone to the Boston store in Milwaukee to buy rugs, draperies and curtains. The Hunter store in Anderson, Indiana, is about to open a wallpaper department, leased and operated by George L. Jones, who will be local agent for Niagara Blue Ribbon and Aristocrat papers. January saw the death of two important figures in the carpet industry and trade: Samuel Horner, aged 93, former president of Horner Brothers Carpet Company of Philadelphiaand Allen P. Mear, who had been for ten years Eastern sales manager of Klearflax Linen Rug Company, and before that had represented Butler Brothers in South America. Herbert Ryan, who has been assistant buyer of the furniture department for Abraham Straus, Brooklyn, and previous to that was assistant buyer of the drapery department for the same store, succeeds Norman J. Turk, who has just resigned, as buyer for the curtain and drapery department. There is rumor that Mr. Turk is going to Gimbels, New York. The Charles P. Cochrane Company of Philadelphia is moving its Indianapolis offices from the Century Building to larger spaceabout 3,500 square feeton the third floor of the John W. Murphy Building at 24 East Georgia Street. The new quarters of the same company in Buffalo, on Main and Eagle Streets, at the Gerrans Building, will be in charge of Harold Kracht, succeeding H. M. Griffin, resigned. Mr. Kracht has been selling for the Buffalo Linoleum Company, and for ten years was with Clawson Wilson of Buffalo. In the downstairs store at Bloomingdale's, New York, as of February 1st Ralph Chipurnoi assumes the mer chandising of draperies, curtains, floor coverings, and lamps in addition to his functions as divisional merchan dise manager of home furnishings. is the result of careful selection from thousands of patterns. Each design has its useevery color is light resistingthere are patterns planned for every customer's requirement. U.li.B:l.UIM.| SPONOLrj Genuine SeaW ool Sponges Retail Cord-Bound. Strongly reinforced, for washing walls, woodwork, tiling; for applying cleaning materials. For scouring, rub bing, wiping. Very absorptive. Will not drip. Regular Type Sheepswool. Write us for prices on the most de sirable grade and shapes for Wall Washing. 500 N. Commercial, St. Louis 291 Church St., New York 421 S. Dearborn St., Chicago 24 California St., San Francisco 455 Sulprice St., Montreal hroeder&Tremaunes In Answering Advertisements Please Mention "WALLPAPER' PAGE 197

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