REX QUICK PROFIT THE Aafe PASTE TO RECOMMEND BUY MID-WEST THE MID-WEST WALLPAPER MILLS IT Auto, Truck and Tractor Power and Electric Models MEETINGS AND CONVENTIONS Retail Dry Goods Association. And for the first time a Selected Merchandise Exhibit was held in connection with the NRDGA at the Hotel Pennsylvania. About a hundred manufacturers exhibited at the Pennsylvania, and about 65 at the New Yorker. At the former, items of special interest to our readers wereWhitcombe McGeachin Co.'s loose woven drapery fabrics backed with cotton flannel for greater durabilityand the Pagoda glazed chintz shown by Cyrus Clark Co. Inc., which hasbesides its value as a Chinese Chippendale patternthe advantage of being easily cleaned with soap, water and soft brush. The Pagoda chintz comes in these background colorsbeige, green, lacquer, red, Delphinium blue, black and melon. At the Curtain and Drapery Show there were a few items at ultra-high prices. A Sidney Blumenthal Cello phane pile fabric, trade-named Sparkelle, to retail at $7 or $8 a yard, may be used for window drapes or long draperies. Rough meshes seem to be style leaders. Roller shades with printed designs are somewhat remi niscent of wallpapers. In New York the John Wanamaker Store opened the last week in January a 9-room Maple House and a new section for maple furniture in connection with the Wed nesday night "until 9 o'clock" opening. The "white- clapboarded, green-shuttered New England house, its nine rooms (living room, 2 dining rooms, 3 bedrooms, break fast room, juvenile room and hall) entirely furnished with maple. unfailingly agreeable to live with. New wallpapers, hangings, lamps, rugs, etc., planned to help you furnish a complete house or separate rooms." In such ways the big store not only helps its own sale of background decorative items, but contributes to an arous ing of public interest in wallpaper, draperies and floor- coverings that aids the sale of these items everywhere. Will not stain even the most delicate tints, o NON-POROUS FILM insures against peeling or curling. Covers greater area— better. Made and Guaranteed by THE PATENT CEREALS C< Dept. S-35, Geneva, N. Y. Also makers of REX Wall Size DIC-A-DOO Paint Cleaner SUNSEAL Wheat Paste and you buy Send now for samples so you will be ready for the busy spring season. JOLIET, ILL. The Chicago Drapery Manufacturers Association held their Spring Curtain and Drapery Exhibit on the Seventh Floor of the Palmer House from January 28th to Feb ruary 1st. The new showings of shower curtainsat the House- furnishings Show in Chicagohave a special interest to our readers who care more for draperies and wall papers. For the first time Photographic Prints are shown in shower curtains, made by Kleinertsand, for example, a seashell and wave pattern on rayon taffeta. Andright in line with what the Institute of Carpet Manufacturers is doing for ensemblingKleinert's has developed ensembles of shower curtain, bath rug and wallpaper in collaboration with Carter rugs and Thibaut wallpapers. Carter bath mats are also ensembled with Kaplan shower curtains. Low and medium price for quick sale. Ideal for home, for painters, paper hangers, auto painters and general use. Sells right off your counter. DEALERS: Write for com plete details, prices and dis counts on all models. All interior decoration is inter-dependent and closely related. So it is a good sign when one industry at tempts better co-ordination with affiliated industries. The Institute of Carpet Manufacturers at its annual meeting In Answering Advertisements Please Mention "wallpaper" PAGE 199

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