RED STAVE WHEAT PASTE There Is NO Other Paste as good as You can assure greater satisfaction with your Wall Papers if you recommend that they be hung with Red Stave the perfectly balanced Wheat Paste. Good Papers Deserve It! Cheap Papers Need It! Washables Demand It! THE HURON MILLING CO., Inc. jCLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS By the way, why don't you send in some news about curtains, or linoleum or wallpaperor about some good display in your store or in some store you have recently visited? 9 PARK PLACE NEW YORK, N. Y. FactoriesHarbor Beach, Mich. Classified Advertising Rates $2.50 Per Half Inch Remittance must accompany copy WANTEDJob lots of wallpapers, enamel tiles, paints and steam wallpaper machines. Send samples, amounts, and prices toJohn H. Flan ders, 201 Oxford Street, Lynn, Mass. WANTEDWallpaper salesmen to sell on com mission, large up-to-date stock wallpaper to the trade. M. J. Earl, Reading, Pa. AGENTS WANTEDGood commission paid to agents all over United States for selling sub scriptions to The Wallpaper Magazine. Write for details to Subscription Department, THE WALLPAPER MAGAZINE, 9 East 40th Street, New York, N. Y. FOR SALE: Wallpaper, paints, lamps, gifts, draperies. Must be sold to settle estate. Best buy in U. S. Address J. P. Johnson Company, Mar shall, Missouri. on January 15th recommended the creation of a com mittee to work with manufacturers in the furniture, drap ery and other home furnishing and decorative fields to secure greater harmony of design and a higher degree of ensembling. On the 11th and 12th of January the Society of Mas ter Painters and Decorators of Massachusetts held its annual convention at the Hotel Statler in Boston. The very solid and valuable business program included besides routine businessan address on wallpaper in relation to interior decoration by Mr. James H. Liberty of Richard E. Thibaut, Inc., on the morning of the 11th; and an educational series that afternoon, made up of three addressesPaint Troubles Prevalent the Last Few Years, by Mr. Carleton H. Rose of the National Lead Research LaboratoriesWhat the Schools Are Doing for the Trades, by Mr. Francis L. Bain, Assistant Direc tor of Manual Arts in the Boston School System; and Modernistic Color and Decoration, by Mr. P. Holdensen of the Boston Employers Chapter. On the second day of the Convention there were papers onRules and Regulations Concerning the Painting Business, by Mr. John Lingard of Somerville, who is now a Trustee and who was President of the Society in 1925Construction's Program for Recovery, by Mr. Gordon P. Marshall of Boston, President in 1929 and Convention Committeeman on AuditsThe Federal Housing Act, by Mr. J. F. Mal- ley, State Director of FHASimplified Bookkeeping, by Mr. John E. Hobbsand Service, by Mr. J. Harry Gil bert of Waltham, who was President of the Society in 1933. The Women's Auxiliary had a Social Afternoon on the 11th, and in the evening a grand whist party. MANY dealers have expressed a need for a monthly booklet to mail to their prospects, but they realize that printing them in small quantities is prohibitively expensive; in large quantities, the cost per copy naturally is greatly reduced. We are in a position (our friends think) to write the articles on decoration which should go in the booklet, and to buy the printing on an economical basis. This is what we plan to do. if you want us to, and if a sufficient number of you will support the plan: 1. We shall print a different eight-page booklet each month. 2. Each booklet will have the same title: "Your Home is Your Background" and will be written to interest the housewife. 3. Each booklet's cover will be made up of a photograph, used in the manner suggested by the accompanying illustration. 4. The back page will be left blank for your name. (Have your printer imprint your name and address, and anything else you want to say on that page, or simply rubber-stamp your name there.) 5. We shall mail you the booklets on the 1st of each month. PAGE 200 In Answering Advertisements Please Mention "wallpaper'

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