GILBERT WALLPAPER COMPANY "YOUR HOME IS YOUR BACKGROUND" 5^ per copy "THE POPULAR LINE" YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Here's how to get XY/ MORE Business! VINCENT EDWARDS CO. 24 WEST 40th ST. NEW YORK y°W! Home A Personalized Booklet for Wallpaper Retailers to Mail to their Prospects each Month Eight PagesSize 8" x 11" Including Envelopes Minimum Twelve Months Order100 Copies a Month$5.00 A Month THE WALLPAPER MAGAZINE 9 East 40th Street New York City Please send me a sample copy of your first book let: "Your Home is Your Background." Name Firm Name Address ROCHESTER MADE Write today for samples and prices of the best commercial line on the market. W E'LL send you newspaper clippings of the best mer chandising ideas, as well as copy and layout suggestions from stores of your own type. Each customer chooses just what he wants. Let us put on your desk regularly ad-clippings showing what the leaders are doing: only one idea a month will more than pay for the service. We clip ads from several hundred cities. If there is any time that Executives want ideas, it is right NOW. We operate the largest ad-clip bureau in the country. All ads are selected by an experienced retail staff: no long term contract required. Use coupon below to learn more about this valuable service and special short term trial offer. No obligation, of course. Name World's Largest Advertising Service Organization 342 Madison Avenue New York City THE WALLPAPER MAGAZINE 9 East 40th Street New York City Please enter my order for copies of your booklet: "Your Home is Your Background," and envelopes, to be sent on the 1st of each month to the address below. I enclose check stamps money order to pay for the first issue, and agree to pay the same amount on the 15th of each month for the next eleven months. Name Firm Name Address Write for full details of our cooperative sales and advertising plan for 1935 to help you sell Tliibaut "Designs of Today." THIBAUT In Ansivering Advertisements Please Mention "'WALLPAPER' PAGE 201

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