FREE lis ee 'HOW TO HANG WALLPAPER A Practica I Book Written by Craftsmen Forty-eight pages and eighteen illustrations show exactly how craftsmen do it. Includes a handy chart for estimating number of single rolls required for any one of thirty-three different size rooms. while they last HPHE best book of its kind, written by journey- men of many years experience and by the in structors of paperhanging classes in Public Voca tional Schools. Tools, materials and trade terms have been introduced as needed to do the job. They are not explained in mass first, which is a confusing method. Notice the complete index shown at the right. Every craftsman should have this book. Saves times and money. While we have quite a few of the first edition on hand for immediate delivery we cannot promise to fill all orders. First come, first served. Get your copy now. We are offering this book with a year's subscrip tion to The Wallpaper Magazine for only $2.00. If you are already a subscriber we will extend your subscription for one year. Since the regular sub scription price for The Wallpaper Magazine is $2.00, these books are actuallv FREE. WALLPAPER Page How to Figure Amount Needed5, 15 How to Remove How to Size How to Cut How to Paste How to Fold How to Trim How to Hang Z4 PREPARING THE WALLS Removing Kalsomine Removing Wallpaper Removing Varnished Wallpaper z Painted Walls 1 Filling the Holes and Cracks Sizing Vinegar Wash Preparing Pulp Sheeting Walls11 Preparing Celotex j2 Preparing Sanded Walls 1* SIZE Glue Size for Walls Glue Size for Wallpaper3/ PASTE How to Make Flour Paste How to Make Starch Paste 14 CUTTING WALLPAPER Plain Semi-Plain ~7 Florals 28 Geometries 3U Bands and Borders 30, 31 Ceiling Papers 35 Varnished Papers 37 Oatmeal and Light Ingrains 39 Pulp Tints 39 Chambrays and Pin Stripes39 Imitation Grass Cloth. 39 Light Pressed 39 Lincrusta 40 Flocks, Cheviots, Velvets, and Velours40 HANGING PAPERS Plumbing a Line to Start23 Plain 24 Semi-Plain 27 Florals 29 Geometries 30 Bands and Borders30. 31 Ceiling Papers 35 Varnished Paper 37 Oatmeal and Light Ingrains39 Pulp Tints 39 Chambrays and Pin Stripes39 Imitation Grass Cloth39 Light Pressed 39 Lincrusta 4° Flocks, Cheviots, Velvets and Velours40 Special Problems in Paperhanging 41 The Wallpaper Magazine, Inc., 9 East 40th St., New York Dear Sirs: I enclose $2.00. Please send me my copy of "How to Hang Wallpaper" and enter (extend) my subscription to The Wall paper Magazine for one year. Name Address Use ibis convenient coupon to get your copy of "HOW TO HANG WALLPAPER."' The Sehweinler Press New York

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